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Northeastern High School 

Diploma Distribution Event

Friday, May 29, 2020


NHS Seniors and Families, 

We are incredibly excited to share with you specific details and a schedule for our May 29 Diploma Distribution being held on the campus of Northeastern High School.  This has proven to be a very challenging undertaking.  Complying with the CDC guidelines, PA Dept. of Health guidelines, and details of the Governor’s orders while simultaneously providing our students an opportunity to receive their diplomas in a ceremony fitting for the importance of the event has been difficult.  Please know that we have made health and safety our first consideration in planning this event.  As we have shared before, this isn’t the graduation ceremony we wanted for our students.  However, we believe we have created a safe, memorable event for our students to commemorate their commencement from Northeastern High School.  We thank you in advance for understanding our limitations and constraints as we planned this event.  

On May 29, each senior will have the opportunity to come to the high school campus, receive the diploma, have a photo taken with Dr. Sidle, process into the stadium, climb the stage, hear his or her name announced and see his or her name on the scoreboard in the stadium, have a photo taken on stage, and recess to the waiting family.  Coordinating this unique and personalized event for nearly 260 seniors has been daunting, but we are confident it will go well. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate families’ being on the field for any part of the ceremony as we had originally thought.  Our timing concerns prevent us from having families exit vehicles, move into the stadium, and return to vehicles before leaving.  We fear we simply could not complete the process in the time allotted if we did permit families on the field.  Again, we thank you for your understanding.  

In order to facilitate this event, we have some specific directions and considerations.  Following the directions will allow us to maintain our time schedule and ensure that each member of the Class of 2020 has the opportunity to be properly recognized while receiving his or her diploma on the scheduled date of graduation.  Again, we thank you for your understanding, flexibility, and cooperation.  

  • In the event of hard rain or other weather that would prevent us from safely holding the event, we will hold the event at the same time using the same schedule on the first successive day with suitable weather.  If we could not hold the event on May 29, we would use May 30.  If May 30 wasn’t suitable, we would use May 31.  If May 31 wasn’t suitable, we would use June 1.  
  • Please read the schedule (sent out via e-mail and Schoology) to determine when the student should be at the school, prepared to drive to the stadium.  Each student should arrive by the arrival time listed on the schedule.  
  • Students who are unable to arrive at their scheduled time will be added to the 4:15 slot and should arrive no later than 3:45 PM.  
  • There will not be restroom facilities on campus for student or family use.  
  • We are limiting each student and family to two vehicles in order to facilitate the movement of traffic through the campus.  If coming in more than one vehicle, please arrive on campus together. Families are welcome to decorate vehicles to celebrate the event!
  • Please enter the main high school campus at Fenwick and Board Rd. where the drivers will be met by staff members who will direct the vehicles.  Drivers will move through stations in the parking lot.  Please follow the direction of the parking lot staff. 
  • Seniors must wear protective face masks to the event.  Masks are to be worn when out of the vehicle.  Seniors will be permitted to remove the masks for photos.  
  • The graduating student should arrive on campus wearing the graduation cap and gown.  Students should dress appropriately (under the gown) for the occasion.  Dress slacks, khakis, dresses, skirts, collared shirts, etc. would all be appropriate.  Please do not wear shorts, denim jeans, bottoms with holes, sneakers, or flip flops.  Be cautious if wearing heels- students will need to safely walk down the stadium steps and on the turf field to the stage.  
  • Students are welcome to wear any medals, honor cords, or stoles earned during their high school careers.  Students may not decorate mortar boards/hats. 
  • The graduating senior should be seated in the front passenger seat of the vehicle if possible.  
  • As the vehicle approaches the stadium concession stand area, the senior will be directed to exit the vehicle, receive the diploma, and pose for a photo with Dr. Sidle and a second photo while turning the tassel on the mortar board from the left to the right.  (Thank you to Ms. Greta Yoka, our photographer at this station.)  
  • After the senior begins to walk into the stadium, any vehicles that accompany that student will be directed to drive slowly around the stadium toward the bottom gate.  
  • The senior will be directed into the stadium to be presented with a white rose, the class flower.  The senior will process as directed through the stadium, across the track, and to the field area near the scoreboard.  
  • When directed, the student will climb the stairs to the stage in front of the scoreboard.  The student’s name will be presented on the scoreboard and announced in the stadium.  While on stage the student will pose for a photo.  (Thank you to Mr. Chris Riddle, our photographer at this station.) 
  • After the photo, the student will exit the stage and walk toward the bottom gate toward family’s waiting vehicles.  A staff member will collect any stoles that need to be returned before the student leaves the stadium.  
  • The student will return to the family vehicle, and the vehicle will be directed to exit the campus at the direction of staff and/or local police.  

We thank the members of the Class of 2020 for all they have done to reach this point.  Despite the unexpected way their high school careers have ended, they have carried themselves with class and grace, even in unfortunate situations.  We are so proud of all they have accomplished and all they will accomplish.  We also thank all of the families that have supported these students during their academic careers.  We know how important your love, encouragement, and guidance has been and will always be.  We deeply appreciate your partnership as we worked to prepare each of these students for the rest of their lives.  Finally, thank you to everyone involved with planning, coordinating and hosting this event.  The collective power of our advisors, administrators, staff, and volunteers is what has allowed us to celebrate the Class of 2020 in this fashion.