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Would you like to have the day's menu sent to your phone? Simply sign up for our text alerts and every evening you'll know what's on the menu for the following day. Interested people should send a text to this number 81010. The body of the message should contain the code of the class you wish to subscribe to, including the @ symbol.
For York Haven Elementary text
@yhk1 (kindergarten & first only)
@yh23 (second & third only)
For Orendorf text
@crok1 (kindergarten & first only)
@cro23 (second & third only)
For Conewago Elementary text 
@conk1 (kindergarten & first only)
@con23 (second & third only)
For Mount Wolf text
@mtwolfk1 (kindergarten & first only)
@mtwolf23 (second & third only)
For Shallow Brook:
For Spring Forge:
For Northeastern Middle School text 
NMS Gold Team @nmsgold
NMS Blue Team @nmsblu
NMS Green Team @nmsgre
NMS Orange Team @nmsor
NMS Yellow Team @nmsyel
For Northeastern High School text
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