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Greetings incoming Kindergarten Families!

As many of you know, we typically begin the process of registering the incoming kindergarten class about this time each year. We know you are anxious to get registered and begin the exciting process of having a school-age Bobcat! We can’t wait to welcome you into our Bobcat Family, too!

This year, we are experiencing a unique and challenging situation with regard to kindergarten registration. We are currently working with a company who is with us to help with K-3 school attendance alignment. Over the last few years, the student population in some schools has increased substantially, while the student population in other schools has decreased. This has resulted in inequitable class sizes from school to school and a lack of space at some schools versus empty classrooms at other schools.

To be the best stewards of our taxpayer dollars, it was time to examine ways to possibly adjust the attendance areas for each K-3 school, resulting in more equitable class sizes and access to resources and services.

This process is time consuming and intricate. We want to be sure that we are making the best possible recommendations. As a result, we are reluctant to register students in schools that they may not attend in the fall. We are currently considering alternative kindergarten registration plans, but have not yet decided on our course.

Please know that we will update our website and social media, and send a school messenger to our current families, once we are prepared to move forward. In the meantime, please feel free to complete the online registration paperwork.