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    If you reside within the boundaries of the Northeastern School District click here to complete the online registration.
    (Paper packets are no longer available.)  If you do not have access to a computer contact 717-266-3667 ext 10221.

    Click here for instructions for online registration. (Please note: You will NOT receive an email as noted during the instructions, at that point during the registration process, please continue completing the form to the end.)

    Within 48 hours after completing the online registration forms you MUST CALL 717-266-3667 ext. 10221 to schedule an appointment.  Your registration is NOT COMPLETE until you come in with the following documents:

    Birth Certificate for child(ren)

    Immunizations (English, Spanish)

    Custody Papers (if Applicable) 

    Proof of Residency which consists of either:

    Lease/rental agreement, a Deed, a Mortgage Statement or Settlement Paperwork

    WE DO NOT ACCEPT UTILITY BILLS as proof of residency!

    If you can NOT provide ALL of the information above please contact Nancy @ 717-266-3667 ext. 10221

    The parent/guardian MUST have a drivers license or state ID for proof of identification at the time of your appointment.

    If your child has an IEP, 504 Plan, or GIEP it is HIGHLY recommended to bring the paperwork with you.

    The district will proceed with the registration of your child(ren) only if the above mentioned documents and a completed online registration form are submitted.  It typically takes 2-3 days before your child can begin school once you have come in for your registration appointment & everything is complete.


    Your child(ren) are NOT REGISTERED until you have come in for your appointment at:
    Northeastern Administration Building
    41 Harding Street 
    Manchester, Pa 17345 



    Complete the online registration then call Nancy @ 717 266-3667 ext 10221 to set up your appointment to finish the registration process. Walk-ins are not accepted.  REMEMBER you are NOT REGISTERED until you come in for your appointment.