Mr. Reiste

Mr. Reiste
  • Welcome! My name is Mr. Reiste and I am excited to be teaching FCS at Northeastern. I will be teaching Basic Foods, Test Kitchen, and Textile Arts I. I look forward to challenging my students in their coursework and creating a broad and applicable understanding for life skills which will prepare them for future success in adult life. 


    I graduated from Warwick HS and received a Bachelor's of Science in Family Consumer Science Education from Messiah College. I enjoy being outdoors, participating in sports, and in my free time, working in the kitchen to explore the realm of culinary arts.


    *Also to clarify, I am on the far left in this picture*

  • My Courses:

    Basic Foods

    Test Kitchen

    Textile Arts I


    Phone: (717) 266-3644
    Homeroom:  211 / 215