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    Mr. Michael Alessandroni
    My story includes growing up as "the baby" of three boys raised by a single father in a poverty-striken small town in Florida.  Growing up in Mulberry introduced me to a world that I had not previously experienced.  Shortly after moving to Florida as a young child, my father lost his job and our dinner menus consisted of 6 days of either turkey, beef, or chicken pies with aluminum foil bottoms.  On Sundays, we would enjoy eating like kings and my Italian heritage and upbringing provided a love for pasta and homemade meatballs and sauce as a real treat.  As things got better for my dad, he introduced us to steak dinners on Saturdays and we were able to continue our love for "the aluminum foil pies" only 5 days a week.  This strengthened me as a person and I look fondly back on those days as I learned very early on to become independent, disciplined, and grateful for all that I have.

    My schooling continued in J.R.O.T.C. at Mulberry High School where I earned the rank of 1st Lieutenant and a Drum Core Captain as well. I thrived in the discipline and structure the Corp provided me with.  Some personal problems resulted in my return to PA as a junior in high school.  Upon return, my parents offered me three choices of high schools to enroll in:  York Catholic, York Catholic, or York Catholic.  I chose York Catholic and joined the football team immediately.  This decision affected my life in many beneficial ways and helped me become successful as a student and person.  

    Due to poor SAT scores, I had to enroll in Bloomsburg University's summer probationary program to prove myself and prove myself I did.  With a 3.89 GPA and hard work, I was allowed to return to BU in January where I completed one full year there prior to enrolling at West Chester University as a Kinesiology major.  Upon graduation, I taught at Coatesville Area High School, and returned to York when the opportunity presented itself to teach at Lincoln Intermediate Unit.  A few years later, I found myself teaching Health and PE at Lemoyne Middle School and then off to Carlisle High School for my first administrative position.  In 2002 I found my home as a BOBCAT and have felt blessed to serve as an administror here since that time.  

    My decision compass will always be led by "WHAT's BEST FOR KIDS?" and I feel that RELATIONSHIPS are at the heart of every successful school.  I fundamentally believe that discipline is one of the highest forms of love we can provide for our students and that the root of the word discipline is "disciple," which means to TEACH and to GUIDE.  We administer discipline to change future behavior so that our kids can avoid destructive decisions in their lives.  

    In closing, my story is shared so that all who read this understand that I love these kids as my own and will do all that I can to help each and every one of them become successful both in and outside the walls of my beloved NMS!  MY BOBCAT PRIDE runs extremely deep and the story of my sneakers every day is a gentle reminder to our kids to "walk the talk" and to our teachers to "go the extra mile" for our kids.  I feel confident that we have the finest staff anywhere and we love our kids at very deep levels.  

    Tanti Cosi!

    Michael C. Alessandroni- Principal