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     Please refer questions about Express Mail to Mary Hyatt via e-mail (hyattm@nesd.k12.pa.us).
    To view a variety of flyers from local organizations on events throughout the Northeastern area, go to our district home page and click on the Community tab and then on Community Flyer.  Or click the link below to be automatically directed to our Community Flyer page.

    What is it? Express Mail will serve as an electronic and physical mailing system.



    What is the electronic mailing system? The primary means of Express Mail delivery will be through email communication. Parents will receive an email with attached flyers and letters. All Express Mail will also be posted on the Orendorf Elementary School website.



    What is the physical mailing system? At the beginning of each school year, parents without the necessary technological resources will have the opportunity to opt out of the primary electronic mailing system. Once opting out, students will receive all flyers and letters from the school in their student’s Express Mail folder.



    If we receive Express Mail electronically, will the Express Mail folder still be sent home with my student? Yes, the Express Mail folder will still be sent home. It will not be populated with the papers that are sent electronically, however it may contain papers that are student specific.



    How often will we receive Express Mail? Every Thursday (with the exception of report card distribution), parents will be sent important information through an Express Mail email. However, an Express Mail folder will come home as well. The contents of the folder should be emptied, reviewed, and the Express Mail folder should be signed & returned the following day.



    What will be in Express Mail? Express Mail will contain important flyers and letters from the school. Classroom teachers may also use Express Mail to send resources home. The report card will come home via express mail as well.



    What should parents do if their student loses their Express Mail folder? A lost express mail folder can be replaced in the office at a cost of $1.00.