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    Jack B. Mackley
    8th Grade General Music Teacher       Google Classroom     
    Middle School Band Director                   Google Meet                 
    Intermediate School Band Director
    Contact Info:
    Phone: (717) 266-3676 (x61225)

       Hello, My name is Jack Mackley.  I am a music teacher in the Northeastern School District.  Currently I direct the Northeastern Middle School Band and the Northeastern Intermediate Band and I teach 8th Grade General Music Classes.  I graduated from Central York School District in 1977 and from West Chester University (which was West Chester State College) in 1981.  At West Chester, I was in many musical organizations, including the Golden Rams Marching Band.  Upon receiving my teaching degree, I taught for a short time at Spring Grove High School and for 9 years at the Christian School of York.  I have just completed 25 years of teaching in the Northeastern School District. 

       I have been married to a wonderful lady, Mary Beth, for 29 years.  I have three children, Rebekah, Andrew and Josh.  I am a die-hard Baltimore Orioles and Philadelphia Eagles fan.  I play French horn in a brass quintet called First Capital Brass and continue to play French horn, trumpet and sometimes tuba in my church, the York Alliance Church. My hobbies include bike riding and disc golf.

       I knew at an early age that I wanted to pursue music as a career.  I enjoyed playing and performing music and was proud to be in the music program in Central York Schools.  I enjoyed the leadership of my two excellent band directors, Ken Matthews and Paul Grill.  I know they influenced my decision to pursue music education as my specific music career.

       As I began my teaching career, I learned the joy of teaching others music.  I also enjoyed seeing the excitement on a student’s face when they have learned something new on their instrument, be it something as simple as Hot Cross Buns or a more advanced technique that comes with years of practice. After these many years of teaching, I still get that excitement. There is also great joy when I see an entire band get fired up when they get to play their favorite song and when they know that they have “nailed” it.  

       Teaching in the Northeastern School District has been a great honor and privilege. The school district supports the arts and I have been grateful for the positive feedback I have received in my teaching endeavors.  I have enjoyed teaching at the Middle School, at Shallow Brook and at Spring Forge, getting to know students of many different ages.  I am looking forward to another exciting year of teaching music classes, preparing for parades and concerts, and looking for the thrill in a student’s eye when they have had a very special musical moment!


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