• Northeastern Assistance Team


    Our program:
    Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) is called NEAT.  NEAT stands for Northeastern Assistance Team.  NEAT is comprised of administrators, teachers, school counselors, school nurse, school social worker and outside consultants. Our primary objective is to insure that students in grades 7-8 receive help in order for them to function successfully in the classroom.

    Our Mission:
    The mission of the Student Assistance Team is to identify, intervene, refer, and monitor students having school related problems because of alcohol, drugs, and/or social, emotional issues.


    Who can seek help:
    Student behavior appropriate for referral includes:
    • Changes in eating or sleeping habbits
    • Drastic change in appearance and personal habits
    • Poor school attendance
    • Sudden and unexplained decline in school performance
    • Excessive need for privacy
    • Change in friends
    • Loss of interest in other favorite activities
    • Unexplained physical illnesses
    • Moodiness, resentment, or anger
    • Deterioration of family realationships
    • Violation of school rules and/or community laws
    • Drug and alcohol use
    • Promiscuity
    • Risk-taking activities
    • Runaway behavior