•               Mrs. Lumsargis with a bobcat                  
    Mrs. Melissa Lumsargis
    Email: lumsargm@nebobcats.org
    Grade: 4
    Subject: 4th Grade (Math, Science, Social Studies)

    Phone: (717) 266-7030 Extension 52109 

    Math Google Classroom:  https://classroom.google.com/c/MjA4ODI3Mzg0MDha

    Science Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjA4ODMwOTU0MjJa

    ELA Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjA4ODE4MTAxODZa

    Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/



    Welcome to your 4th grade journey!  This year will be full of new experiences and knowledge!  I am excited to be your math, science, and social studies teacher.  We will learn many new things this year!  In social studies, we will learn the history of Pennsylvania and the importance of its regions.  In science, we will investigate magnetism, electricity, energy, force and motion, and the sun and moon.  During math class, you will be able to multiply and divide larger numbers, convert fractions, decimals, and percents, and problem solve in all areas of math.  So grab your thinking caps and let's go!