• Support Our School

    You can become a member of the Orendorf Elementary PTO at any point during the school year.  The PTO meets the first Monday of every month in the Orendorf Cafeteria at 6 p.m.  At the beginning of each school year the PTO holds its annual membership drive.  To find out more about how you can donate or become a PTO volunteer please click on the link below.
    For info or questions on becoming a member, contact Jennifer Powl @ Fun4powl@gmail.com


    Giant A+ School Rewards

    Complete form at any Giant Foods Store or register your Bonus card at: www.giantaplus.com

    School ID: 00626


    Box Tops 

    The PTO collects box tops to purchase indoor and outdoor recess supplies for the school.  This year we are changing the fundraising incentive program to a school wide reward system vs. the classroom reward system we have done in the past.  The reward system will be tiered into 5 different stages. The goal break down is as follows:

    Goal 1. $500; reward is story time with a special Orendorf staff member and every student will receive a reading themed pencil and eraser.

    Goal 2. $1,000; reward is extra outdoor recess with an ice pop.

    Goal 3. $1,600; reward is a board game party with snacks (students will bring in their own board games from home and will be allowed to play them during an allotted time in their classrooms).

    Goal 4. $2,500; reward is a movie with popcorn.

    Goal 5. $3,200; reward is an outdoor obstacle course with music and drinks.

    Mr. Moyer is creating a banner that will be displayed in the hallway that will show each reward and the amount of box tops needed to reach each reward. The banner will be updated so the students can see where they stand as the year progresses.

    Find info at: www.boxtops4education.com


    Collect and Submit Labels for Education

    Collect can labels from all Prego, Pepperidge Farm, Franco American, V8, Swanson, Spaghettios and Tyson Products


    Target Rewards

    Register your Target red card or Target Visa online at: www.target.com

    School ID: 90405