Attendance Requirements


    Students are required by PA compulsory attendance  laws to attend school a minimum of 180 days each year. The Board of School Directors considers the following conditions to constitute reasonable cause for an excused absence from school:

    · Illness

    · Quarantine

    · Recovery from an accident

    · Required court attendance

    · Death in the family

    · Educational trips

    Any student absent from school for any reason other than those listed above will be considered as having an unlawful absence. The following are examples of excuses that will NOT be excused: oversleeping, a hunting/fishing trip, any trip without prior permission, suspension of bus privileges, or helping out at home.

    Please review this policy and contact your child’s principal with questions.

    · During the first semester, when a student accumulates five days of absence, a “Letter of Concern” will be mailed to the parent/guardian. It will indicate our concern for your child’s attendance.

    · Students who accumulate seven days of absence during the first semester will be required to submit a doctor’s note for any absence that follows.

    · Students who accumulate their 10th day of absence during the second semester will be required to submit a doctor’s note for any absence that follows.

    · The district will not include days for court appearances, religious holidays, funerals, and pre-approved educational trips when determining the need for a doctor’s note.

    · All absences of three days or longer require a doctor’s note, regardless of the student's attendance record.

    · Students will be permitted three days after their return to school to produce an excuse for any absence from school. An absence from school, which is not supported by a written note from parents within three school days of the absence, will be charged as unexcused.

    · Students accumulating three days of unexcused absences will receive an official warning. This warning will be mailed to the parent/guardian and will not be issued again until the student moves to a different grade level at a different building in the district. Once this warning is issued, any unexcused absences will require the district to issue a citation for violation of state attendance laws. A new citation will be issued for every day of unexcused absence. Please note that the first citation will cost $25 and every violation thereafter could cost an additional $300, plus court fees.

    · It is the expectation of NESD that children attend school regularly. Students absent from school do not receive the instruction necessary to achieve mastery of the standards established by the district. Questions concerning your child’s attendance should be addressed by the building principal.