• As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northeastern School District is unable to provide face to face instruction for our nearly 4000 students. We will begin implementation of our Continuity of Education Plan immediately. During the first week (March 30-April 3, 2020), we will utilize the Flexible Instructional Day assignments that were provided to students on March 13, 2020. Beginning on April 6, 2020, the plan outlined below will begin and will continue for the duration of the pandemic shut down. This is the District Overview. Each level (K-3, 4-6, 7-8, and 9-12) has grade span implementation plans to accompany this District Overview. School principals will share those details with students, families, and staff. 


    • To continue to maintain contact and relationships with our students and families 
    • To continue to engage our students in learning and intellectual engagement
    • To continue to serve as a resource to our families

    Professional Learning:

    The LIU#12 has developed an online professional learning portal, LearnOn, which will serve as the basis for professional development as our staff transitions to providing education online. Our district’s technology integrator, Shannon Oliver, will also provide daily staff development in the use of our digital warehouses (Learning Management System-Google Classroom or Schoology)  and digital tools for use by students and staff. 

    Student Expectations:

    • Students are expected to log into their chromebooks, laptops, or other device to access their assignments each day. 
      • Schoology and Google Classroom links are available on each teacher’s page when viewing the district's website at nesd.k12.pa.us
      • Complete the Attendance form 1 time EVERY School day. 
    • Students are expected to put forth reasonable effort in completing their assignments.
    • Students who need additional help are expected to contact their classroom teacher, learning support teacher, reading specialist, school counselors, or school administrator(s) to communicate their needs.

    Family Expectations:

    • Families are expected to encourage students to complete their assignments each day.
    • Families are expected to make every effort to provide quiet work areas for students to complete their online and offline coursework.  
    • Families are expected to reach out to teachers, counselors, social workers, or administrators if they need support.
    • Families are expected to give attention to the calls and emails provided by NESD’s faculty and administration, and review updates to the website, as advised in emails or phone messages.
    • Families are expected to read/view the information shared by educators.

    Staff Expectations:

    • Educators are expected to complete assigned professional learning during the week of March 30, 2020, and beyond, as assigned by the administration.
    • Educators are expected to select any additional professional development, at their discretion, and complete the COVID-19 Continuing Education/Staff Development Record for each complete session.
    • Educators are expected to embed their digital warehouse link into the bio page of their teacher website. 
    • Educators are expected to call in to check their school voicemail at least two times each day (AM & PM) for the duration of the pandemic shut down. 
    • Educators are expected to connect with students in a virtual or telephonic method at so that every student is contacted each day by one of their teachers (in cases where students have multiple teachers) 
    • Educators are expected to plan and implement a very abbreviated instructional program that provides engagement for students within the following suggested time frames:
      • K-3 not more than 100 minutes per day total for all subjects
      • 4-8 not more than 120 minutes per day total for all subjects
      • 9-12 will vary depending on the level and type of course and the number of courses.
    • Educators are expected to make every effort to accommodate the needs of students on an individual basis through personal contact with students and parents, as needed. 
    • Educators are expected to attend virtual staff meetings with their grade levels, departments, and schools.
    • Educators are expected to review and implement communication protocols and procedures, as provided at each school’s staff meeting.