• Reference Northeastern School District Board Policy #204. UPDATE: Act 16 of 2019 amends the Public School Code to redefine the definition of compulsory school age as “the period of a child’s life from the time the child’s parents elect to have the child enter school and which shall be no later than 6 years of age until the child reaches 18 years of age. The term does not include a child who holds a certificate of graduation from a regularly accredited, licensed, registered or approved high school.”

    Students of compulsory age are required by law to attend school a minimum of 180 days each school year. The only legal excuses for an absence from school are (1) illness (2) quarantine (3) recovery from accident (4) required court attendance for the student (5) death in the family (6) family educational trips (7) educational tours and trips (8) major religious holidays and (9) inclement weather as determined by the Superintendent. Any student absent from school for any reason other than the above will be considered as having an unlawful or unexcused absence depending on the student’s age.

    Each student is required to provide a valid excuse from a parent or guardian for each absence within three (3) days of the absence. The excuse may be in the form of a call to our attendance secretary, email, fax or written excuse. The district provides excuse forms that can be found on the district’s web page or in the school offices. Written excuses must be placed in the identified lock boxes in each office. An absence from school which is not supported by a valid excuse within three (3) school days of the student’s return to school will be recorded as unexcused or unlawful.

    Any absence of three or more consecutive days requires a doctor’s excuse. Additionally, at any time during the school year that the administration perceives that a student is missing too much time from school, the school may require a doctor’s excuse for any and all additional absences. Failure to provide a doctor’s excuse will result in the absence being recorded as unexcused and the appropriate administrative action will follow.

    Educational Tours and Trips Students are granted excused absences for the purpose of educational tours and trips. Students must complete the Post-Secondary Institution Visitation Form, have the form signed by a parent or guardian, and submit the form to the attendance office at least 24 hours beforehand. The form may be found here.

    Family Educational Travel Requests for excused absences for student travel must be submitted, in advance and in writing, to the grade level principal two weeks prior to the trip. Coordination of this procedure is initiated through the attendance secretary. Students are expected to obtain work in advance of his/her trip. An educational trip teacher signature form must also be completed by each student submitting the educational trip form. The form may be found here.

    NOTE: Educational trips may not exceed five school days. Educational trips will not be approved during PSSA/Keystone Testing for students who are scheduled to participate in testing. Absence Excusal Informal When a student of compulsory age has accumulated three days of unexcused absences, the first legal offense notice will be sent. Any additional unexcused absences may result in a fine being issued in compliance with the Compulsory Attendance Law of Pennsylvania.