• Communication
    The Northeastern School District and Shallow Brook Intermediate School will continue to use the SchoolMessenger Automated Call/Email System to push out global updates and information.  If you are a parent or legal guarding of a Shallow Brook student, and you are not recieving these calls or emails, please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to update your contacts.  You may also contact our building secretary, Bremda Rauch, rauchb@nebobcats.org for help.

    Contacting Us
    Parents are encourgaged to contact their child's teacher anytime you need clarification or guidance on coursework or with class specific questions. 
    Teachers can be reached by email or by leaving a voice message requesting a return call. 

    School Counselors, Social Worker, Dean of Students, and Administration are also available to assist with questions, concerns, or student needs. 
    They can also be reached by email or by leaving a voice message.  

    Staff email addresses can be found on our Staff Directory page. 

    Staff telephone voice messaging extentions are on each teacher's webpage.  Please note, when you leave a voice message for a staff member, when they return your call, the number may appear on your caller ID as "Unknown Number" or "Blocked Caller".  It will NOT appear as a Shallow Brook number since our teachers are all working off site.