Farm to Table


    Did you know we buy local produce?

    Check out the link below to get to know our farmer! 

    Farm to School

    How far did your apple travel?
    Choosing to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables has many benefits,
    including: fresh taste, saving money, less fossil fuels in the environment
    and keeping our local farms in business.
    York County Buy Local
    What are the benefits of buying local?
    Supports the local economy
    Local food has environmental benefits - helps maintain farmland 
    These crops are picked at peak freshness
    Eating local food is also eating what is in season
    You know the origin of the food that you are consuming

  • September is Broccoli Month!


    Did you know...

    One medium stalk of broccoli is:

    * Two times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C

    A boost to your bone health

    An excellent source of phytochemicals that may lower the risk of cancer

    A powerful combination of vitamins and chemicals that help
    protect the heart 


    Remind everyone in your house to eat broccoli this month! 



    Interested in simple ways to enjoy broccoli? Click the link below!