• The T.R.A.C.K.S. ACRONYM: K-12


    T= Take responsibility for what you say and do

    R= Respect self, others, and property

    A= Act safely and cooperatively

    C= Come ready to learn

    K= Keep hands and feet to yourself

    S= Solve problems peacefully


    In all K-3 classrooms, students will begin each day on GREEN in their behavior tracker and have the opportunity to move up and down depending on their individual behaviors. Students who go beyond expectations or show improvement in their behavior can move up 1 color (at a time). This provides students with a positive reason to always try to resolve negative behaviors. Once a student has moved down a color, they can no longer reach ORANGE status for the day. Orange Above and beyond class expectations Green Everyone begins – meeting class expectations Yellow Warning Red Timeout/Parent notification and reflection sheet Blue Trip to the office (student should take reflection sheet with him or her)


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