Room 108 Homework Policy

  • Why Homework is Assigned:  Homework is important because it can teach your child many things.  It will help your child practice skills taught during the school day, prepare them for upcoming lessons, and teach him or her responsibility and good study habits. 

    What Homework is Given:  A Home Link will be given most evenings in math.  Students may also be asked to practice math facts using tools provided in class.  At the beginning of each cycle, a new spelling list will come home.  Students are expected to practice their words for their spelling test each day six.  In addition to math and spelling, third grade students will be responsible for reading 60 minutes at home each week.  They can read silently or aloud.  The reading should be recorded in their reading calendar and totaled by them, then initialed by you each week.   Reading calendars will be due every Monday.  If we do not have school on a Monday, they will be due the next day we are in school. 

    When Homework is Assigned:  Homework will be given most nights except for Fridays.  Homework in third grade should take students an average of 30 minutes an evening.  Please let me know if it takes your child longer to complete his or her homework.

    Students’ Homework Responsibilities:  Each day, students will write their assignments on their homework sheet.  Homework assignments should be completed neatly and turned in on time.  I expect students to try their best on each assignment.  They may ask for help only after they have attempted to complete the assignment on their own. 

    Teacher’s Homework Responsibilities:  I will write homework assignments on the board.  Before assignments are sent home, I will explain directions and give your child a chance to ask questions.  Homework will be checked and returned in a timely manner.  I will offer feedback to encourage your child for a job well done.  Additionally, I will offer support in areas where needed.

    Parents’ Homework Responsibilities:  I ask that parents make homework a top priority in your home.  Have a designated place and time set aside for your child to complete his or her assignments.  Offer praise and support as your child works.  When they have completed their assignments, please initial their homework sheet.  If at any point you notice your child is having difficulty with homework, please contact me.

    If Students Do Not Complete Homework:  Each marking period, a student may miss a total of three assignments.  After these grace assignments, recess will be lost to complete missed work.