• Positive behavior support program:

    York Haven Elementary has a school wide Positive Behavior Support Program.  It is called TRACKS.  Below are the expectations for behavior:


    T= Take responsibility for what you say and do

    R= Respect self, others, and property

    A= Act safely and cooperatively

    C= Come ready to learn

    K= Keep hands and feet to yourself

    S= Solve problems peacefully


    There is a behavior chart listing these expectations in each classroom.  Each child will begin the day with his/her magnet on green. If they have outstanding behavior they can move their magnet up to orange.  Children will receive punches in their TRACKS card for days when they meet or exceed the TRACKS expectations.  They may cash in their punched tickets for incentives on Fridays.  Every month there will be a Positive Behavior Celebration to celebrate positive behavior.  If a child does not follow the expectations above he/she will have to move his/her magnet each time a poor choice is made. If a child moves down twice on the behavior chart, they will need to fill out a reflection sheet which will be sent home for you to sign. This is used so that you can reinforce appropriate behaviors at home.