• Earth Systems

    Earth and Environmental Systems Science! 

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     Course Description:

                Earth and Environmental Systems Science is a course that builds on the student's background in the biological and physical sciences as they are related to the 5 parts of the Earth System. Major emphasis throughout this course will focus on the processes that exchange matter and energy between the different parts of the Earth System and the environmental impacts that occur as a result of these processes.

     Textbook: The Science of Earth Systems (Cengage Learning, 2008)Science Textbook

    Basic Course Outline:

    Unit I: The Nature of Science

                What is a System and what is Science?

                Experimental Design

                Scientific Measurement and Graphing

                Topographic Maps and GIS

     Unit II: The Exosphere

                Matter and Energy in the Earth System

    Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond

                The Sun, Earth and Moon System

     Unit III: The Lithosphere

    Minerals and Rocks

                The History of the Earth

                Plate Tectonics

                Deformation of the Crust

                Earthquakes and Volcanoes

                Landforms and Soil

     Unit IV: The Atmosphere

               Elements of Weather

               Elements of Climate

    Unit V: The Hydrosphere

               The Water Planet