• Spring Thing
    May 23, 2012

     What's Going On?

    National Honor Society- 4 tickets for the Honor Societies soft pretzels.

    NSHS- Sing some Spanish  Kareokee with you're friends and embrace your inner Spanard.

    NAHS- Get your face painted expressing your inner artistic side.

    Bottle Game- 2 tickets to try and make the bottle stand up. Few surpass the test.

    Yearbook- Yearbook Bake Sale! Get your candies, cookies and cakes.

    Win a Fish- Toss a ball and win a fish by landing the ping pong ball in the glass.

    Bounce House- Use 6 tickets and run through the obstacle bounce house. You can even race your friends.

    Make the Pass- Be the first to throw the football through the hole. Show off to your friends your passing power.

    Glacier Flakes- That's right get your Glacier Flakes at the Spring thing for just 4 tickets for the cool treat.