• Committees & Contacts


    The Overall oversees the activities of all committees and is ultimately the one responsible for planning, creating, and executing a successful Mini-THON.

    2012 Overall: Ashley Schleig


    Public Relations
    The Public Relations Committee creates awareness of the Mini-THON by utilizing communication vehicles such as newspapers, school television, flyers, and posters. Relations also keeps a steady flow of contact to all groups
    Chair: Kelsi Sprenkle



    The Entertainment Committee plans all activities during the Mini-THON including dodgeball, swimming, games, and organizing local talent.

    Chair: Paige Riddle 

    The Finance Committee manages the overall budget and spend most time counting the money raised by other committees and dancers.
    Chair: Kyra Avaritt


    The Hospitality Committee provides refreshments and food during the Mini-THON. The committee also solicits funding and services from local food business.
    Chair: Christan Eyster



    The Morale Committee establishes rules and regulations, oversees all dancing activities, and energizes participants. The committee also creates a line dance performed throughout the evening.

    Chair: Ally Kessler
    The Operations Committee handles solicitations in the community and collects donations from businesses in the community. The committee also handles registration of the participants.
    Chair: Missy Reeder


    Special Events
    The Special Events Committee develops and implements multiple fundraisers for both the school and community. The committee also handles all canning schedules.
    Chair: Ally Heim

    The Technology Committee maintains the Mini-THON website, creates promos and commercials, and ensures the technology for the night runs smoothly. They also record video and take pictures of the evening.

    Chair: Mark Spicer