Pep Assemblies

    Fall Pep Assembly

    Hamster Ball: Participants race to the finish line in large blown-up hamster balls. 1 male and 1 female race at a time with 4 races over the course of the pep rally.Hamster Race

    Court Race: Members of the court will race through a maze in order to find their beloved partner. The team that finds their partner first will win.
    Tea Party: In a partner team, one person will race through an obstcle course while carrying a full tea pot; this partner must then fill up the waiting tea cups without spilling the water. The second partner must then race to unravel a pile of streamers. The first team finished wins.  Tug-O-War- A group of 10 seniors, 10 juniors, 10 sophomores, and 10 freshmen will compete against each other in a bracket. The juniors will face the freshmen first; the seniors will face the sophomores. The winner and losers of each will then compete.  Tug-o-War
    Sign up outside Mr. Zirkle's Room 310 to compete in one of the events!

    Kiss a Frog
    Mr. Swartz Mr. GayMs. LippertMrs. KlingMr. Zirkle

    Coming soon: Winter Pep Assembly