• Computer Repair

    The goal of the computer repair course is to teach students about building, upgrading, and repairing personal computers, and to prepare them to take the CompTIA A+ Certification Exams.

    While some do, many students who take the class don't necessarily go onto to work in the IT field.  They simply want to know what makes a computer function, and they want to learn how to get the most for their dollar since they will own numerous computers and related devices over a lifetime.

    The prerequisite for the course is the Introduction to Computer Applications class.  The computer repair course is 1 full credit (18 weeks).

    To access the course moodle page:
    Go to moodle.nesd.k12.pa.us with your web browser, click Teacher Pages, click High School, click Computer, then click Computer Repair.

    Contact Mr. Weikert for the enrollment key.