• New Students

    When new students register, please bring the following:


    • High School Transcript
    • Copy of Immunizations
    • Withdrawal Grades (if student leaves during the school year)
    • Present Year's Schedule
    • Counselor Name, School Address, School Phone #
    • Special Education materials--IEP, NOREP's, Psychologicals -(if applicable)
    • 504 Plans (if applicable)


    The withdrawing school should be able to give you copies of all of this when you go into withdraw.

    Students must be accompanied by a parent for their registration/scheduling meeting with their counselor. Over the summer, the counselors may not be available at certain dates and times.

    Please call our administration building for an appointment to register at 717-266-3667. You may also find all of the forms that need to be completed here.
    The guidance secretary Vanessa March may be reached at 717-266-366 Ext 81040 for you to make appointment with the appropriate counselor after you have been registered. The Northeastern School District is not open on Fridays during the summer. Please check with the building regarding summer hours.