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    Monthly Scholarship and Enrichment Bulletin (these can be York County, State, or National).

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    * For the remainder of the school year, any additional scholarships will be posted through Schoology.  


    We also post a lot of Enrichment Opportunities (Summer Programs, etc) in Schoology.   

    Northeastern Scholarship Foundation applications are typically available in January or early February.  This is finished for the year in terms of applications.

    College Board's Big Future Scholarship Search: Over 6 Billion Dollars of Scholarships Listed:
    Best Online Scholarship Search Platforms - Lists online scholarship search services.   
    Bold.org - My name is Dror Liebenthal and I’m the CEO of Bold.org, a student scholarship and resources platform. After surveying over 22,000 students, we just published a new free online resource center that I’d love to share with Northeastern High School students.

    The Bold.org Student Resource Center includes the top free online tools for financial aid, college readiness, productivity, savings, and more. It includes 320+ detailed reviews from high schoolers, and each resource is vetted carefully both by students and by our team.
    Chegg Scholarships is a completely free scholarship search engine used by over 4 million students nationwide. With over 25K scholarships with personalized filters like GPA, Age available for students in high school, college, grad school & beyond, it’s one of the biggest out there. You can check it out here: https://www.chegg.com/scholarships

    If students need immediate help with scholarship application, an online tutor at Chegg Tutors can help make their scholarship essay stand out from the crowd.
    College Peas Scholarship http://collegepeas.com/money/  
    The scholarship is open to all high school students and is one of the few that is not based on grades or test scores. 
    ComputerScience.org is part of a new initiative to grow the next generation of developers, engineers and network administrators. Obviously, an education in CS is the first step to a successful career. To help students like yours offset degree costs when they head to college, we’ve developed a curated list of scholarships available only to students in CS programs.

    ComputerScience.org was created to help meet the demand for qualified computer scientists in the workforce. We provide an in-depth overview of the field – including education – and serve as an introduction for the next generation of programmers, engineers and developers. 


    Nursing Scholarships

    Would you be able to share the scholarship resource with your students? While our scholarship will be closing at the end of January, there’s still many scholarships on our scholarship page that close out later in 2018.

    You can find ours here: https://nurse.org/healthcare-leaders/  

    And the list of additional healthcare scholarships is located here: https://nurse.org/scholarships/

    Raise.me Micro-Scholarships - Post-secondary schools give you scholarship money for achievements in high school Grades 9-12 https://www.raise.me/about   

    STEM Scholarship Guide 

    Here at DiscoverDataScience.org, we recently published a guide titled, “STEM Scholarship Guide”. The guide offers tips to help students navigate the application process, as well as help them have the best chance at receiving a scholarship. Additionally, there is an extensive listing of current scholarships broken into segments covering Undergraduate, Graduate, Minorities & Women, as well as general STEM Scholarships. You can find the guide using the following link:


    Other Resources! 

    Search for scholarships nationwide via fastweb.com.