• Curriculum Action Plan


         The Northeastern School District implemented a Curriculum Action Plan beginning in the fall of 2009.  An on-going curriculum cycle has been established to ensure the periodic review and revision of each subject area and course.  The goal of the plan is to make certain that the district provides a balanced curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, and stresses reflection while incorporating reading, writing, and technology into all courses. Teacher Leadership Council comprised of teachers, principals, assistant principals, and other administrators will meet on a regular basis to facilitate the process.

         During this process, committees, led by teachers, examine the current Northeastern School District curriculum and compare it to the curriculum provided by Pennsylvania Department of Education and national organizations. Revisions to the curriculum are made to ensure our students are learning the big ideas and concepts that support those ideas.  Common assessments, such as unit exams and finals, are developed and revised during the curriculum cycle. These assessments are administered in courses and grade levels on a periodic basis to guarantee that students are responsible for learning the same material, regardless of the teacher that they have, for a given grade or course.

    Please contact Dr. Stacey Sidle at 717-266-3667 should you have any questions concerning the Curriculum Action Plan. 


Last Modified on November 9, 2016