• Olweus Program

    The nationally-recognized OlweusBullying Prevention Program was adopted by Northeastern Middle School in 2001and a committee was established to run the program. The Anti-BullyingCommittee, which was retrained in 2005, consists of teachers, guidancecounselors, administrators, and parents. Bullying cards and boxes are locatedin classrooms and offices for students to complete when they feel bullied orwitness bullying. The committee meets every week to plan antibullying eventssuch as Mix-It-Up-at- Lunch Day, school assemblies, coordinate surveys,review bullying cards, and meet with bullies and victims. The committee alsocontacts parents of bullies and their victims and issues consequences whenappropriate.


    Program Mission: to make our school asafe and positive place to learn.


    Program Goal: to reduce and prevent bullyingproblems among students and improve peer relations.