*Teachers who appear on this list have supplied contact information to share publicly.  Neither NESD, or it's music faculty, endorse any specific teacher and
    neither bear any responsibility as to the quality or value of instruction provided
    by a teacher on this list.  Entering into an arrangement with a paid private
    teacher is a business agreement conducted wholly exclusive of NESD.
    Student Testimonials:
    "Before I started taking lessons, I had trouble with my tone, but now I am very good at it.  Private lessons made a big difference for me."
     -Hannah Herr, Flute
    "Private lessons can help you excel and learn advanced methods of performance and become a more fluid player." 
      -Bailie Spangler, Flute
    "They enrich your musical talent and open the doors wider to more musical opportunities."
     -Hali Eckenrode, Flute and Saxophone
    "I love them and they prepare me for band and other musical activities."
     -Jordan Sowers, Trumpet
    "Taking private lessons helped me learn technique and to actually play my instrument correctly.  Lessons helped me advance my skills to a point where I am now better equipped to help classmates learn how to play better."
    -Mandie Reeder, Mallet Percussion
    "When you take private lessons you can explore your instrument with more depth and become more acquainted with it." 
    -Julia Zielinski, Alto Sax
    "Taking private lessons causes me to strive for perfection."
    -Shanna Reigart, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Bari Sax
    "Taking private lessons has helped me become a better musician and "want" to practice more for my own benefit and for the benefit of the band."
    -Kiara Sweitzer, Clarinet, Oboe 
    "Private lessons help you to have better practice habits and learn stuff that improves your playing.  You have an opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who knows what they are doing."
    -Daniella Zimmerman, Trumpet
    "In private lessons, you do more than just "play" the music.  You learn about music theory, note relationships, and different techniques that help you perform better."    
    -Bethany Darrah, Flute, Piano
    "When you take private lessons, you learn things that you wouldn't have been able to learn by yourself. You learn techniques and ryhthms."
    -Matt Rice, Percussion
    "One-on-one time with your teacher allows you more personalized instruction and helps you to get to know them better."
    -Ben Miller, Trombone
    "You learn to play higher and better.  You learn not to blast."
    -Robert Altland, Trumpet
    "It helps you know your instrument better."
    -Adam Zirkle, Trombone
    "It opens the door to an exhilarating world of music that will change your life forever."
    -Travis Wunsch, Alto Sax, Bari Sax
    "Taking private lessons makes me practice more and I get better when I practice more."
    -Missy Reeder, Trumpet
    "I learned technique and rhythm better from taking private lessons."
    -Sky Landis, Mallets, Piano
Last Modified on October 26, 2022