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    > The Intermediate Band program at Spring Forge and Shallow Brook Intermediate Schools is offered to all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders with an interest in playing a band instrument and a willingness to put in the necessary time and effort to be successful.  Individual/small group lessons are offered for 30 minutes once per 6-day cycle with limited opportunities for makeups.
    > First Year players- or students who switch instruments (in all grades)- will rehearse from January to March in school with Mrs. Gould and will perform in the 4th grade concert in mid March.  Advanced players in 5th or 6th grade will participate in the 5/6 Band with Mrs. Gould.  This group rehearses both in school and after school on a very limited basis and performs in evening concerts in December and May.  Also, in early May, this group participates in a district tour presenting a concert for each elementary school.
    > Students are required to rent or purchase a band instrument through a certified music vendor or borrow an instrument from the school district after paying a small usage fee.  Instruments of substandard quality (typically found online or at a big box retail store) are not acceptable for use in our program.  Please check with a qualified music professional for purchasing advice prior to making a purchase.  Students who wish to participate in the Intermediate Band Program should be prepared to make home practicing a part of the daily routine.  Practicing is essential in making this adventure meaningful and educationally valuable.

    Contact Information
    Mrs. Kristin Gould  (717) 266-3676 x61225  (@NMS)
    Mr. Timothy Howell (717) 266-3644 x81920  (@NHS)
    *Note: Please contact one of the above with questions about the band program. Mr. Nackley (orchestra), Mrs. Johnson (orchestra), Mr. Dietz (SFI chorus), or Mrs. Miller (SBI chorus) will not have the information you need as they provide instruction in different areas of our music department.


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