Northeastern High School

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Northeastern Preschool

Please Note:
Jessica Tymoczko will be out for the 2010-11 school year.  Ms. Amanda Weaver will be running the program during this time.  Her contact information is or phone
at 266-3644 ext 81215.

The Northeastern Preschool is a year long preschool program for children ages 3-5 in the Northeastern Area. The program is taught by Mrs. Tymoczko and her Child Development students. Preschool runs from 9:15am - 11:45am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The program has two major goals: to provide high school students with the opportunity to observe and interact with pre-school children and to prepare children for kindergarten.

A daily routine is followed that includes a learning time, an active play activity or game, a small motor activity or craft, playtime, and story time. Children will be assigned helper jobs and be involved in many other exciting experiences. The ratio of teachers to children is around 1:1, so every child receives one-on-one attention from the high school students every day.

During the program children are learning to work independently, spell their name, follow rules, work cooperatively with other children, begin making friends, and other skills that are essential to kindergarten success. The high school students work in teaching teams, and rotate teaching days, so that all the students have the opportunity to lead each aspect of the daily routine. There will also be assessments given and a portfolio kept of each child to help monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

The program is free to all children living in the district. At this time, the preschool schedule has changed from being full year to being one semester in length (beginning February 8 and ending towards the end of May with specific dates to follow).  While the preschool program is currently full, parents are free to submit enrollment forms if they would like their child to be put on the waiting list.  Daily attendance is expected and parents should be comfortable with this commitment before registering their child.