Shallow Brook Intermediate

100% of our students will graduate and be fully prepared for post-secondary education

Ways To Earn Money For Our School



Fundraisers for 2014-2015

Stride for SBI! Race date will be in October.  Come out and support the students & Shallow Brook!


Giant A+ School Rewards

Shallow Brook # 02409      
This is one of the easiest ways to raise money for SBI & Giant is always extremely generous in their donations to NESD schools.  PLEASE sign up at the Building Preview.

*You must renew each fall!

Target Credit Card Holders Give them our I.D. # 126029
Box Tops

Find info at

POPSICLE PARTY on the 1st day of school for the class who collects & brings in the most Box Tops or Campbell's Labels collected over the summer!

Labels for Education

Cambell's, Prego, Pepperidge Farm, Franco American, V8,

Swanson, Market Day, Spaghettios

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