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Monthly Scholarship Bulletin (these can be York County, State, or National).


October 2016 Scholarship & Enrichment Bulletin (most but not all scholarships are for seniors and the enrichment programs can be for earlier grades).    
The Northeastern Scholarship Foundation applications are typically available in January or early February.  
Scholarships for Students Pursuing Computer-Related Education/Careers is part of a new initiative to grow the next generation of developers, engineers and network administrators. Obviously, an education in CS is the first step to a successful career. To help students like yours offset degree costs when they head to college, we’ve developed a curated list of scholarships available only to students in CS programs. was created to help meet the demand for qualified computer scientists in the workforce. We provide an in-depth overview of the field – including education – and serve as an introduction for the next generation of programmers, engineers and developers. 

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