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Scholarships for Students Pursuing Computer-Related Education/Careers is part of a new initiative to grow the next generation of developers, engineers and network administrators. Obviously, an education in CS is the first step to a successful career. To help students like yours offset degree costs when they head to college, we’ve developed a curated list of scholarships available only to students in CS programs. was created to help meet the demand for qualified computer scientists in the workforce. We provide an in-depth overview of the field – including education – and serve as an introduction for the next generation of programmers, engineers and developers. 

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College Board's Big Future Scholarship Search: Over 6 Billion Dollars of Scholarships Listed:
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Scholarship Bulletins

We just received the Walter T. Lightner Memorial Scholarship (New Cumberland Federal Credit Union) which is due April 30th and it will not be posted in a Scholarship Bulletin   
The Northeastern Foundation and Community Scholarship applications were distributed to all seniors on February 15 at a Senior meeting during Academic Prep.    

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